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Flow through this gentle tai chi inspired practice to increase your flexibility, improve your balance, and find your calm.

Tai Chi, sometimes described as meditation in motion, is a gentle form of exercise that can help you maintain strength, balance and flexibility. As we flow through these movements, we suggest repeating each move 2 – 3 times.

Stand tall and focus on your breathing. Try to match each deep inhalation with a deep exhalation. As you inhale, allow your arms to float up toward the sky. As you exhale, let your arms gently float back down to your sides.

Sinking the Chi
Take a deep inhalation and bring your arms up to pull the energy in the room toward your body. Then, as you exhale, face both palms toward the floor and slowly press down.

Commencement (Open the Door)
Stand tall with your feet spread a little wider than hip-distance apart and tuck your tail bone under slightly. Inhale and lift your arms up. Then, exhale and bring your arms down and bend your knees gently to sink down toward the floor as you lower your hands down.

Embrace the Moon
Inhale and open your arms wide to the sides. Then, exhale as you slowly move both hands to center with your right hand above the left and palms facing each other. It should feel as if you’re holding a beach ball (or the moon) in front of your chest. Next, inhale and spread arms wide again. As you exhale and move your hands to center to hold the moon again, but this time positioning your left hand above your right.

Parting the Wild Horse’s Mane
Continue holding the moon in front of your body, then point the toe of your right foot to the floor. Hold for a few seconds here. Then step forward with your right foot. Shift your weight forward toward your planted right foot. Then slowly move your hand out toward your right foot and release the moon from your grasp. Keep your left hand beside your left hip and continue the flowing motion of releasing the moon 2 – 3 times. Then, step your right foot back to center and bring your arms around to hold the moon, this time with your right hand above the left, palms facing each other. Now we’ll repeat the flow on the other side of the body. Point your left toe to the floor and hold. Next, step your left foot forward, shift your weight forward toward your left foot and repeat the flow of releasing the moon with your left arm swaying forward.

End this flow by sinking the chi. Stand tall and take a deep inhalation as you spread your arms wide. As you exhale, bring your hands to center with palms facing the floor and push down gently.

Tai Chi is an excellent way to relax both your body and mind with slow, gentle movements designed to improve balance and flexibility, and ultimately help prevent falls.

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