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At Silver Café Insurance LLc, we connect Baby Boomers with the financial resources, healthcare insurance plans and lifestyle resources they need on a daily basis.

What is Silver Café Insurance LLc?

Silver Café Insurance LLc is a family of trademarked brand names that serves the unique demographic called the “Baby Boomers”. These trademarked brand names provide a variety of healthcare products and resources to customers who are looking to plan for their happier and healthier lives, plus leave a lasting legacy for future generations.

Our core offerings include healthcare plans, life insurance, dental insurance as well as a host of non-medical ancillary lifestyle products and services. We help the “Baby Boomer” demographic navigate the often confusing choices and options available so they can make more informed decisions about their future health and
wellbeing as they age.

Who We Serve

Today’s Baby Boomer/Silver Generation is the segment of today’s society that still possesses a huge potential for growth and expansion. Their immense buying power and disposable income allows them to enjoy the fruits of their labors, as well as dictate which brands they will purchase. Branding is important, but the trade-off is conveying trust, simplicity, and access to the goods and services they require.

What We Offer

Silver Café Insurance LLc provides a wide selection of healthcare plans, dental plans, life insurance, travel medical and telemedicine choices and options to the “Baby Boomer” demographic.

After several decades of serving the “Baby Boomer” customer , we recognize the  potential for continued growth  and expansion with this demographic.

Want To Learn More About Silver Café Insurance LLC?

If you have a digital transformation marketing concept to propose for the “Baby Boomer” audience or to ask for more information on how to you can partner with our family of trademarked brand names feel free to contact me , Tim Specht CSA, through any of the contact methods listed here on our website.

I look forward to hearing from you!”
– Tim Specht, CSA