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With over 10,000 people in the United States turning 65 every day, there is an increasing demand for financial services and products that cater to today’s ‘Silver Generation’. At Silver Cafe, we connect Baby Boomers with the financial resources, medicare insurance plans and lifestyle resources they need….

What is Silver Cafe?

Silver Cafe is a family of brands that serves the unique demographic called the “Baby Boomers”, i.e. the Silver Generation. These brands provide a variety of products and resources to customers who are looking to plan for the future, live happier, healthier lives, and leave a lasting legacy for future generations.

Our core offerings include Medicare Plans, life insurance, and dental insurance, as well as a host of ancillary lifestyle products and services. We help the over 65 crowd navigate the often confusing Medicare system, sign up for coverage, and make more informed decisions about their future.

Tim Specht

Meet Doctor Medicare

Tim Specht is a Certified Senior Advisor with over 35 years of insurance experience representing the Baby Boomer/Silver Generation demographic. He connects customers with the helpful resources they need to make informed decisions about their futures and choose the right Medicare insurance plan suitable for their personal needs.

As a self-described teacher, his slogan is: “My job is really not about selling insurance, it is just being a translator to help you understand your choices and options with Medicare.” That attitude extends to the other insurance products and services offered.

The concept for the Doctor Medicare educational videos is to help customers understand Medicare—including their choices and options with Medicare—so they can make the right decision about which plan to enroll with.

Doctor Medicare
Watch the “Doctor Medicare” video to learn more:

Who We Serve

Today’s Baby Boomer/Silver Generation is the segment of today’s society that still possesses a huge potential for growth and expansion. Their immense buying power and disposable income allows them to enjoy the fruits of their labors, as well as dictate which brands they will purchase. Branding is important, but the trade-off is conveying trust, simplicity, and access to the goods and services they require.

What We Offer

Silver Cafe Insurance LLC provides a wide selection of the approved Medicare insurance plans, dental plans, life insurance plans, travel medical, and telemedicine plans to the Baby Boomer/Silver Generation. Online enrollment features and a wide selection of nationally approved insurance carriers are accessible thru each website operated by Silver Cafe Insurance LLC.

After several decades of serving this demographic, we know what today’s aging Baby Boomers are looking for. We’ve identified this massive market potential and have manifested our own success by understanding our customers at the deepest level.

Learn More About Silver Cafe Insurance LLC

Want to learn more about Silver Cafe or ask for more information on how you can partner with our family of companies? Contact us today.

“If you have ideas on how to make use of the trademarked branded assets of Silver Cafe Insurance LLC, feel free to reach out to me, Tim Specht, CSA, through any of the contact methods listed here on our website.

I look forward to hearing from you!”
– Tim Specht, CSA